Hilde Larsen. From Hell (ulcer, Lyme and severe rheumatoid arthritis) to Inspired (sau cum te vindeci cand te intorci la natura) (II)

Liorisme: In case of chronic or degenerative disease, what a person should do to begin the healing?

Liorisme: In cazul unei boli cronice, degenerative, ce ar trebui sa faca o persoana, pentru a incepe sa se vindece?

Hilde: We need to look to nature, get back to the basics and trust in our own bodies and their ability to heal. We will heal by eating fresh living organic foods, like we were meant to. That way, we are constantly letting our body take care of business. In this lifetime, in this world, the challenges are many for most of us. It seems the non-foods presented to us, alongside the stress, the polluted air, the negative programming and the fear of change, is holding us captive in our polluted houses.

E nevoie sa privim catre natura, sa ne intoarcem la lucrurile de baza, simple, sa avem incredere in corpul nostru si in abilitatea acestuia de a se vindeca. Ne vindecam cand comsumam alimente vii, proaspete, crescute organic, asa cum am fost construiti sa facem. Astfel, lasam corpul sa isi vada de treaba. In viata, in aceasta lume, sunt multe provocari pentru cei mai multi dintre noi. Se pare ca alimentele ce ne sunt oferite, dar care nu sunt hrana, alaturi de stres, poluare, de tiparele negative si de teama de schimbare, ne tin captivi in casele noastre poluate.

All you have to do is to let go of everything that is not serving you, be it foods, emotions or actions. There is nothing to figure out, or to speculate in, really. The body will do the rest. Simplicity is a challenge for the educated mind, and this very fact is important to acknowledge. Our intellect and our craving for intellectual growth, has contributed to the state that we are in. It is time to hit the shift button and think again. Less is more.

Tot ce trebuie sa faci e sa renunti la ceea ce nu ti-e de folos, fie ca e vorba de alimente, fie ca e vorba de actiuni. Nu e nimic complicat, serios! Corpul face restul. Simplitatea este o provocare doar pentru mintea educata, scolita si e bine sa fim constienti de acest lucru. Mentalul nostru si dorinta de a creste intelectul au contribuit la starea de fapt in care ne aflam. E momentul sa ne schimbam perceptia si sa regandim totul. Mai putin inseama mai mult.


The simplicity of detoxification:

Despre simplitatea detoxifierii:

-Stop bringing in more garbage: This means, no more altered chemistry, chemicals or toxins. Not in form of hurtful drugs, or supplements as isolates or pesticides. Do not eat anything that requires a label, as no real food does. Stay away from salt, oils and stimulants, and keep the standard high on a preferably organic, high fruits diet. Stop using harmful chemicals in your home, as anything you eat, breathe and smell, you in fact eat. It is all absorbed into your blood and tissues, creating a toxic overload in your body. Look for ways to make your own lotions and detergents.

Inceteaza sa mai introduci in tine gunoaie: asta inseamna fara chimicale sau toxine; fara medicamente, suplimente sau pesticide. Nu manca nimic din ce contine o eticheta, caci mancarea adevarata nu are eticheta. Tine-te departe de sare, uleiuri si stimulente si pastreaza ca standard o dieta bogata in fructe, preferabil, organice. Nu mai folosi chimicale in casa ta, caci orice mananci, respiri si mirosi, de fapt, devine una cu tine. Toate se absorb in sistemul sanguin si in tesuturi, creand toxicitate in organism. Cauta solutii sa iti prepari singur lotiuni si detergenti.

-Move the lymph: Through eating raw living foods only, the lymph will start moving and by also being active. Make sure that your kidneys are filtering, or you will have some extra work to do.

Pune limfa in miscare, hranindu-te doar cu alimente crude si fiind activ fizic. Asigura-te ca rinichii tai filtreaza, caci altfel, vei avea in plus de lucru.


-Open all eliminating organs: Clean out the intestines, and do some liver flushes. Use a sauna to open up the skin, and look to herbs for extra strength and organ support. Sometimes working with a practitioner that is also a detoxification specialist, as myself, will help determine your weaknesses and how to address them with herbs and essential oils.

“Deschide” toate organele de eliminare: curata intestinele si ficatul. Fa sauna, pentru a deschide porii si cauta plante care te ajuta sa fii mai puternic si sa sustii organele interne. Cateodata, te poate ajuta sa colaborezi cu un specialist in detoxifiere, asa cum sunt eu, pentru ca vei afla care iti sunt “slabiciunile” si cum le poti rezolva, folosind plante si uleiuri.

-Let the acidic waste and toxins out: Allow yourself to live through the detoxification process. It can be a long process, all depending on your age, your current state of health, how long you have been out of health, and how your organs and glands are conditioned from birth.

Elimina deseurile acide si toxinele: permite-ti sa experimentezi procesul de detoxifiere. Poate fi un proces de durata, in functie de varsta ta, de starea de sanatate, de cata vreme ai probleme si de starea organelor si glandelor mostenite la nastere.

Watch health be restored: Enjoy the ride back to your inspired state of perfect health, and keep your focus on your path. Do not let anyone or anything discourage you or make you lose your focus. This is your time to shine, and you are so worth it!

Fii martor la insanatosirea ta: bucura-te de intoarcerea la o stare de sanatate perfecta si ramai concentrat pe aceasta cale. Nu lasa pe nimeni sau nimic sa te descurajeze sau sa te faca sa pierzi din vedere telul tau.

The deepness of cleansing being done, and the pace it will happen in, depends on many different factors. If you are diagnosed as terminal, long standing so-called chronic and degenerative, you know that you have some serious work to do. You know that your body means business, and that there is no time to go slow and easy.

Profunzimea curatirii interne si durata depind de multi factori. Daca esti diagnosticat cu o boala terminala sau cu una cronica si degenerativa, stii ca ai o gramada de treaba de facut cu tine insuti si ca nu ai timp de pierdut si nici sa o iei usurel.

Liorisme: It is said that people who eat mostly raw do not need much sleep. How is your sleeping, usually? And how do someone knows, in case he has only a few hours sleep/night, if that is because the body has too much energy from the food he eats (or doesn’t eat, while fasting, for exemple) or he actually experiences an adrenal problem?

Liorisme: Se spune ca persoanele care consuma preponderent hrana cruda nu au nevoie de prea mult somn. Tu cum dormi, de obicei? Si cum stie cineva, in cazul in care doarme doar cateva ore pe noapte, daca se intampla asta pentru ca, corpul sau are prea multa energie de la hrana consumata ori in timp ce tine post total, de exemplu, sau, de fapt, are probleme cu suprarenalele?

Hilde: Personally I sleep around 7 hours every night. A few hours does not sound optimal for me. The body heals and regenerates, regulates and detoxifies as we sleep.

Hilde: Eu dorm cam 7 ore pe noapte. Doar cateva ore de somn, nu mi se par ok. Corpul se vindeca si se regenereaza, se echilibreaza si se detoxifiaza in timpul somnului.

Liorisme: People have a fear for vitamins and minerals devoid and they think that if they give up on everything, except for fruits and veggies, they will for sure develop anemia or other kind of problem. What would you tell to these people?

Liorisme: Oamenii se tem de carente de vitamine si de minerale si cred ca daca renunta la “tot”, exceptand fructe si ceva vegetale, vor suferi sigur de anemie sau de alte probleme. Ce le-ai spune oamenilor care isi fac astfel de griji?

Hilde: Nature is perfect. When we eat the food designed for us, we will never lack anything. That fear is man made, through the theory of isolates and the vitamne and mineral chase. We tend to get into our head, when we should be listening to our heart. Most of the time, what i see with my clients is lack of absorbtion, never lack of a nutrient from the outside. Think about. Most people east a plate of beige and brown foods. Eat the fresh, raw colors and you will thrive. True story.

Hilde: Natura este perfecta. Cand mancam mancarea potrivita noua, nu vom duce lipsa niciodata, de nimic. Temerile acestea vin din judecata mintii umane, conform teoriei ca avem nevoie de vitamine si de minerale, izolate. Tindem sa dam ascultare mintii, in loc sa ascultam si ce are inima de spus. Ce vad de cele mai multe ori la clientii mei este o absorbtie deficitara, ci nu o lipsa de nutrienti. Gandeste-te un pic. Cei mai multi oameni consuma alimente de culoare bej si maro, cand, de fapt, ar trebui sa consume alimente colorate si vii. Si atunci, ar fi cu adevarat vigurosi. Aceasta e o poveste adevarata.


Liorisme: Should we a lot of fruits, in order to get to at least 1500-2000 calories daily? How important is the calory intake? Should we worry about this aspect?

Liorisme: Trebuie sa mancam multe fructe, pentru a obtine cel putin 1500-2000 de calorii zilnic? Cat de important e aportul de calorii? Ar trebui sa fie o preocupare?

Hilde: You do not at all need to eat a huge amount of fruits to reach 1500 to 2000 cal a day. That is what most would eat in a day, me included. I never worry about calories, but for some, it is important to feel secure and to learn. Eat until satisfied, then stop. Eat less meals, and eat less food. We overburden our body and digestion with food.

Hilde: Nu e deloc nevoie sa consumi cantitati mari de frcute, ca sa ajungi la 1500-2000 de calorii pe zi. Cam atat consuma orice om intr-o zi, inclusiv eu. Nu ma preocupa deloc aspectul caloric, dar pentru unii e important sa se simta in siguranta si sa invete. Cel mai bine e sa mananci pana te simti satisfacut si apoi te opresti. Mananca mai putine mese zilnic si mai putina mancare. Ne impovoram corpul si digestia cu atata mancare.

Liorisme: Why protein is not a concern issue for the human body, not even for athletes?

Liorisme: De ce proteina nu e o chestiune atat de importanta pentru corpul uman, nici macar pentru atleti?

Hilde: The body builds protein from amino acids. It is in every plant food there is. Nature is perfect.

Hilde: Corpul isi contruieste propria proteina din aminoacizi. Acestia se gasesc in orice planta. Natura este perfecta.

Liorisme: If a very activ person would decide to change his/her diet and eat what you eat, what your advise would be? For exemple, an endurance athlete (triatlonist) can eat what you eat and still have great performance? What about a body builder?

Liorisme: Daca o persoana deosebit de activa din punct de vedere fizic decide sa isi schimbe dieta si sa conume ce consumi tu, ce ai sfatui-o? De exemplu, un atlet de anduranta (sa zicem, un triatlonist) poate manca astfel si, in acelasi timp, sa aiba performante grozave? Dar un body-builder?

Hilde: Absolutely! A body builder could too, even though I would never recoomend straining the body with that much acids from the work out, and the heavy burdon on the sceleton. Not natural. When the body is healthy, running on perfect fuel it will transform to a strenght and performance machine.

Hilde: In mod sigur! Chiar si un body-builder ar putea adopta acest tip de alimentatie…desi nu as recomanda niciodata ca cineva sa isi deformeze corpul cu atat de mult acid, rezultat in urma exercitiilor de forta si sa puna atata presiune pe sistemul osos. Nu este ceva natural. Cand corpul este sanatos si foloseste combustibilul perfect, atunci se transforma intr-o masina de forta si de performanta.

Liorisme: Do you believe that a vegan or even a raw vegan diet, based on fruits and vegetable, would be appropriate for a young child? There are so many voices that criticize parents that do not give meat or other animal products to heir children…

Liorisme: Crezi ca o alimentatie vegana sau chiar raw vegan, bazata pe fructe si vegetale, este potrivita unui copil? Sunt atat de multe voci care critica parintii, care aleg sa nu isi hraneasca copiii cu carne sau cu alte produse de origine animala…

Hilde: Absolutely! It is the perfect natural diet for any human. Age has nothing to do with it. We need to step back from this old paradigm that we for some reason need something other than natural food.

Hilde: Absolut! Aceasta e dieta perfect naturala pentru fiinta umana. Varsta nu are nimic de-a face cu acest lucru. Trebuie sa ne indepartam de aceasta paradigma, ca avem nevoie de altceva decat de mancare naturala.

Liorisme: What parents should do, to raise their children in no pain and no dependency on madication?

Liorisme: Ce ar trebui sa faca parintii, pentru a-si creste copiii fara suferinte si fara dependenta de medicamente?

Hilde: I am hoping all parents, after taking care of their own health before having children, will give the children organic natural food as they deserve. To get educate is the number one rule for any parent. Read my books and make sure you have the Optimal Health Blueprint online course. You will be learning how to take care of the whole family.

Hilde: Sper ca toti viitori parinti, inainte de a da nastere unui copil, sa aiba grija de propria sanatate si apoi, cand au copii, sa ii hraneasca cu alimente naturale, organice, asa cum merita. Educatia este regula numarul unu pentru orice parinte. Citeste cartile mele si asigura-te ca te inscrii la cursul meu on-line, Blueprint. Vei invata cum sa ai grija de intreaga familie.

Liorisme:  People complain that today’s fruits and vegetables are as toxic as any other food. Many can’t afford to pay for organic food and they wonder if eating meat would be less harmfull. What is your advise in this case? Can we make the right compromise?

Liorisme:  Oamenii se plang de faptul ca astazi fructele si vegetalele sunt la fel de toxice, ca orice alt aliment al prezentului. Multi nu isi pot permite alimente crescute organic si se intreaba daca nu cumva consumul de carne ar fi mai putin daunator, decat al fructelor tratate chimic. Care e sfatul tau? Putem face un compromis corect?

Hilde: You should never compromise with your health and food. Fruits and vegetables are superior. Organic preferred. Always do the best with what you have. Prioritize and know you deserve the best. Peel, wash and stay away from the most toxic sprayed produce; there are lists on the internet about this. In a perfect world, all food presented to us would be toxic free. In a perfect world, what to eat would be a no-brainer. In a perfect world, food would be available for everyone.

Hilde: Nu ar trebui niciodata sa faci compromisuri legate de sanatatea si alimentele consumate. Fructele si vegetalele sunt superioare. De preferat sunt cele organice. Dar fa mereu ceea ce poti. Fa-ti prioritati si fii constient ca meriti ce e mai bun. Curata, spala si stai departe de cele mai toxice produse; sunt liste pe internet despre asta. Intr-o lume perfecta, tot ce am consuma ar trebui sa fie lipstit de toxine. Intr-o lume perfecta, mancarea ar trebui sa fie disponibila pentru toata lumea.

Liorisme: Do you take any supplements? Why?

Liorisme: Tu iei vreun supliment? De ce?

Hilde: No, never. All we need is real food. Supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals, isolates is merely adding to the imbalances in the body.

Hilde: Nu, niciodata. Avem nevoie doar de mancare adevarata. Suplimentele sub forma de vitamine si de minerale, luate izolat, creaza si mai mult dezechilibru in corp.

 Liorisme:  What your daily menu looks like?

 Liorisme:  Cum arata meniul tau zilnic?

Hilde: This would be a typical day for me:

Morning: coconut water of one Thai coconut. Late morning: Juice of 6 oranges and a bowel of berries. Mid day: Juice of 6 oranges and 4 mangos. Afternoon: Juice of grapefruits and oranges, smoothie of one large papaya and some seeds. Sometimes some seaweed.

Hilde: Cam asa arata ziua mea tipica: dimineata, consum apa de cocos. Apoi, pana in pranz, beau sucul din 6 portocale si mananc un bol de fructe de padure. La mijlocul zilei mai beau sucul a 6 portocale si mananc 4 mango; dupa-amiaza, mai beau niste suc de grapefruits si de portocale, dupa care mananc un papaia mare si ceva seminte. Uneori, mai consum ceva alge.

Liorisme: Your family has chosen the same way of eating?

Liorisme: Familia ta are acelasi tip de alimentatie?

Hilde: Not at all. No one in my family, or any of my closest friends are raw. Of course, it is super frustrating and there has been many emotional ups and downs, due to the fact my family eats „normal food”. I watch them do what I did and I watch them loose health. But I learned that I was only the boss of myself and that my job was not to change anyone.

If I had small kids, it would have been different, I think. Now, anyway. I would have never accepted anyone feeding them crap. Never. But my kids are grown and they make their own decisions. My son though turned vegan a few years ago, which made me very happy, most of all, for HIM. He is also exploring juicing and eating more raw. The rest, not so much, at least not yet. But I have a network of new friends who eat raw.

Hilde: Deloc. Nimeni din familia mea ori dintre prietenii apropiati, nu a adoptat hrana cruda. Desigur ca este foarte frustrant si au fost multe discutii, legat de faptul ca familia mea consuma „alimente normale”. Ma uit si vad ca fac ce am facut eu candva si vad cum isi pierd sanantatea. Dar am invatat ca eu sunt sef doar pentru mine insami si ca nu e treaba mea sa schimb pe nimeni. Daca aveam copii mici, ar fi fost diferit, cred. Acum, cel putin. Nu as fi acceptat niciodata ca cineva sa ii hraneasca cu prostii pe copiii mei. Niciodata. Dar copiii mei sunt mari deja si sunt capabili sa hotarasca singuri pentru ei. Cu toate astea, de cativa ani, fiul meu a devenit vegan si asta ma bucura foarte mult, mai ales, pentru EL INSUSI. De asemenea, a inceput sa exploreze cu sucurile si sa manance mai multe alimente crude. Restul familiei, nu prea face schimbari. Cel putin nu acum. Insa am cativa noi prieteni, care mananca crud.

Liorisme:  If years of bad habits make us ill, howcome young people and realy small children get sick?

Liorisme:  Daca ceea ce ne imbolnaveste sunt obiceiuri gresite, adoptate in ani de zile, cum se face ca tineri si chiar copilasi mici se imbolnavesc?

Hilde: Bad habits is only a part of it. They are living their parents bad habits, the environmental burdens and the toxic so called foods presented to day. Then we have the wifii, the chemtrains and the stress.

Hilde: Obiceiurile proaste sunt o parte a problemei. Tinerii si copiii adopta obiceiurile parintilor lor; in plus, mediul inconjurator este nociv si asa-zisele „alimente” de azi sunt toxice. Apoi avem wifii, chimicale si stres.

Liorisme:  Why ANY DISEAS IS AN ILLUSION? How our bodies heal, even from inccurable deasesses? How this mirracle takes place?

Liorisme:  De ce ORICE BOALA ESTE O ILUZIE? Cum se vindeca organismul nostru, chiar si de boli incurabile? Cum are loc acest miracol?

HildeIt is not a miracle, it is natural. To believe anything is chronic is the illusion. Why would it be? The body is a self healer.

HildeNu este ceva miraculos, ci este ceva natural. Sa crezi in bolile cronice este o iluzie. De ce ar exista asa ceva? Corpul se auto vindeca.


Liorisme: You said: „Health is easy, change is hard!” and I believe that is so true. To live like you live is something almost unthinkable, even for people who understand why they must change. For most of us, the thought of giving up FOR GOOD the favorite dish or cooked food or sweets, it is really unacceptable and scary. To be fine, do we really need to give up on everything we know and pleases us (even give up our social life, sometimes)? Or we may indulge ourselves sometimes?

Liorisme: Spuneai ca „sanatatea este ceva usor, schimbarea este dificila”!, iar eu iti dau dreptate. Sa traiesti asa cum traiesti tu, Hilde, pare ceva de neconceput, chiar si pentru oameni care inteleg ca trebuie sa schimbe ceva. Pentru cei mai multi dintre noi, gandul ca renuntam PENTRU TOTDEAUNA la mancarea preferata gatita sau la desertul favorit este cu adevarat un gand care sperie. Pentru a fi bine, chiar trebuie sa renuntam la tot ceea ce stim ca ne place (chiar si, uneori, la viata sociala)? Sau ne mai putem permite cate ceva, uneori?

Hilde: It is never about giving up anything, it is about embracing the amazing gift of being able to live a full life of amazing health and passion. It is about awakening to the truth and to love yourself enough to actually live fully. Anything that feels like it is given up was never ever serving you any way. First, if you are sick, and you want to heal, you do what you need to do to get there, right? Then, when you learn, grow, heal and see how everything changes, you would never want to go back.

I have not given up anything, I have gained everything. My life, the amazing food, new friends that support and uplift me, my inner power, my trust, my ability to serve, my faith, my purpose and my healing on all levels. There really is nothing like it.


Hilde: Nu e niciodata vorba despre a renunta la ceva, ci de a imbratisa ocazia uimitoare de a fi capabil sa iti traiesti viata pe deplin, in sanatate si cu pasiune. Este vorba despre a cunoaste adevarul si de a te iubi cu adevarat, pentru a-ti trai viata la cote maxime. La ceea ce simti tu ca trebuie sa renunti, nici macar nu ti-a fost vreodata de folos! In primul rand, daca esti bolnav, faci tot ce trebuie sa te faci bine, corect? Si apoi, cand inveti, cand cresti si te vindeci si vezi cum totul se schimba, nu ai vrea niciodata sa te intorci de unde ai plecat.

Eu nu am renuntat la nimic, ci am castigat totul: viata mea, alimentele astea minunate, prieteni noi ce ma sprijina si ma ridica, puterea mea interioara, increderea, capacitatea de a-i ajuta pe altii, credinta mea, scopul meu si vindecarea mea, care s-a produs la toate nivelele. Nimic nu se compara cu asta.

Liorisme: I heard Doctor Morse once saying that we should not give too much power (attention) to our body, as we may “get burned”. I translated that into: we shouldn’t focus too much on the physical side of our being, not even in our healing, as we may forget about our spiritual and emotional journey on this planet. How can we not get obsessed with what we eat, with being perfect all the time and, because of that, often forgetting to live and to enjoy our lives?

Liorisme: L-am auzit odata pe doctor Morse spunand ca nu ar trebui sa dam prea multa putere (atentie) corpului fizic, caci ne putem “frige”. Inteleg prin asta ca nu ar trebui sa ne concentram atat de tare pe partea fizica a fiintei nostre, nici macar asupra vindecarii, caci am putea uita de partea spirituala si emotionala a calatoriei noastre pe aceasta planeta. Cum sa facem sa nu devenim obsedati de ceea ce mancam, de a fi mereu perfecti si, astfel, sa uitam sa ne bucuram de viata?

Hilde: Well, by simply becoming an observer. It is not about us, it is about being. About serving, and about allowing life. The physical becomes a focus when it is hurting. When we are in pain. Then we know what to do, and we can let go of the need to feed it and our addictions there is more to the physical and the food than what we have discussed here. From self sabotage to false beliefs, programming and parasites.  

With dr Morse

Hilde: Ei bine, pur si simplu prin a fi OBSERVATOR. Nu e despre noi, ci despre a fiinta. Este despre a fi de folos altora si despre a permite vietii sa se desfasoare. Ne concentram pe fizic, atunci cand corpul sufera, cand avem dureri. Apoi, cand stim ce avem de facut, putem sa ne debarasam de adictiile noastre si de nevoia de a le hrani. De fapt, e vorba mai ales despre partea fizica si despre mancare, decat despre ce vorbim aici (de la auto sabotaj, la credinte gresite, programe vechi si paraziti).

Liorisme: You are probably familiar with the work of doctor David Hawkins, who stated that, as long as you are at peace with yourself and with the world, no diseases will come along. Or, if they come, they leave as soon as you surrender. Extrapolating a bit, it means that, no matter what you do (including what you eat), can’t harm you, if your awareness is high. Could that explain the fact that some people, who really do not pay any attention to their habits, are doing ok, while others, who are physically active, eat organic food, meditate, do not smoke or drink alcohol, are ill, in spite of all that? What do you think about that?

Liorisme: Probabil ca esti familiarizata cu lucrarile doctorului David Hawkins, care declara ca, atat timp cat esti in pace cu tine insuti si cu ce te inconjoara, nicio boala nu te va atinge. Sau, daca asta se intampla, aceasta dispare de indata ce te “predai”. Extrapoland un pic, inseamna ca, orice ai face (inclusiv orice ai manca), nu iti poate face rau, daca ai un nivel de constiinta ridicat. Acest lucru ar putea explica faptul ca unuii oameni, desi nu dau atentie obiceiurilor lor, sunt chiar ok, in vreme ce altii, desi activi fizic, mananca organic, mediteaza, nu fumeaza si nici nu consuma alcool, sunt bolnavi, in ciudata a tot ce intreprind? Ce crezi despre acest lucru?

HildeWhat I see is hat everything is connected. I see highly spiritual people, sick as dogs, and people with string genes, living for a long time, while they abuse their physical body. It is about your mission, your karma, your purpose and your willingness to not hold on to yesterday. I am about doing the best I can with what I have, When we know better, we can do better. Compassionate living, for the animals, for the planet and for us. It is never about one part of the whole, but for most, eating vibrant food, will start a cascade of positive transformative events.

Hilde: Ce vad eu e faptul ca totul e conectat. Stiu persoane deosebit de spirituale, dar care sunt extrem de bolnave. Cunosc si oameni cu gene puternice, care traiesc pana la varste inaintate, in vreme ce isi abuzeaza corpul. Vorbim despre misiunea fiecaruia, despre karma, despre scopul si dorinta fiecaruia de a nu se agata de ziua de ieri. Fiecare trebuie sa faca ce stie si ce poate mai bine, cu ce are in acel moment, la nivelul la care este. Cand stim mai bine lucrurile, atunci actionam mai bine. Putem trai cu compasiune pentru animale, pentru planeta si pentru noi insine. Nu e niciodata vorba despre doar o parte din intreg, ci despre a manca alimente vibrante si despre a trai o cascada de experiente transformatoare, pozitive. imagesHODUV2UJ

Liorisme: What does it mean for you to be a spiritual human being?

Liorisme: Ce inseamna pentru tine a fi o fiinta spirituala?

Hilde: I am spirit, and I am simply here, in this body to live my purpose in this lifetime.

Hilde: Sunt spiritualitate si sunt pur si simplu aici, in acest corp, pentru a-mi atinge scopul acestei vieti.

 Liorisme: What were the most severe cases that your clients healed, after taking the road of a fruit based diet and of detoxification?

Liorisme: Care au fost cele mai severe probleme de care s-au vindecat clientii tai, dupa ce au luat drumul alimentatiei bazate pe fructe si al detoxifierii?


Hilde: I would actually say the deep depression as what I have seen as the most transformative that has been healed. When you are suicidal, nothing moves, and to see someone go from completely lost and willing to take their own life, to thriving in happiness, you know you are contributing to something good. I have also seen those that has walked away from many disease labeled conditions. As I am not a doctor, I cannot freely discuss those terms.

 Hilde: As spune ca cea mai mare transformare am vazut-o la persoanele care s-au vindecat de depresie profunda. Atunci cand esti in pragul sinuciderii, nimic nu se misca. Sa vezi pe cineva care, din a fi complet pierdut si dornic sa renunte la viata, devine fericit, stii ca ai contribuit la ceva bun. Am vazut alte multe cazuri de vindecare a unor situati grave, etichetate drept „boli”.

Liorisme: Would you share with us some of you dreams and future plans?

Liorisme: Vrei sa impartasesti cateva din visele si planurile tale de viitor?

Hilde: My dream is that everyone will learn and know how to let their body heal. That I will be able to help all my clients to find their optimal amazing health. My purpose is to help people do what they need to do to get out of pain and suffering.

I am working on several ways to reach as many as I can, and my online course The Optimal health Blueprint is definately one of my most exciting creations: http://inspiredbyhilde.com/optimal-health-blueprint/

I created my membership site for the same reason.

Being a writer is one of my passions. I might write a fourth book, and will definately continue to write articles for different websites and blogs, as well as for my my own Power Up Blog.

 My most exciting plan for next year is a retreat I am planning to host. All I can say at this point ist that it will be a full week of transformative content and experiences. You will leave with a whole new outloook on life, transformed and powerful.

Hilde: Visul meu este ca toti oamenii sa invete, sa afle cum sa isi lase corpul sa se vindece; sa ii ajut pe clientii mei sa isi gaseasca sanatatea optima, sa le arat cum sa faca ce trebuie, pentru a inceta sa sufere.

Lucrez in mai multe feluri, pentru a ajunge la cat mai multi oameni, iar cursul meu online, The Oprimal Health Blueprint, este in mod cert una din creatiile mele cele mai imbucuratoare: http://inspiredbyhilde.com/optimal-health-blueprint/

Tot pentru acelasi motiv am creat site-ul de abonati.

A scrie e una din pasiunile mele. E posibil sa scriu o a patra carte si in mod sigur voi continua sa scriu articole pentru tot felul de site-uri si blog-uri, dar si pe propria mea pagina web: Power Up Blog.

Sunt foarte incantata de planul meu pentru anul viitor: vreau sa fiu gazda unui retreat. Tot ce pot spune in acest moment despre asta, este faptul ca va fi o saptamana de experiente si informatii transformatoare. Vei pleca cu o nou mod de a vedea viata, vei fi o alta persoana: mai puternica.

2 thoughts on “Hilde Larsen. From Hell (ulcer, Lyme and severe rheumatoid arthritis) to Inspired (sau cum te vindeci cand te intorci la natura) (II)

  1. Have Been on Prednisone for R.A for 18 years, in meantime adrenals shriveled up and are unable to produce Cortisol, therefore not able to get off Prednisone ( Tried several times, ended up in E.R, treated with more steroids )No Cortisol , life threatening!
    Question is: do I just eat fruit(after detox) or Vegetables also.


    1. Hello, Lupi. I am no doctor, so I can’t answer that, but I do encourage you to contact Hilde on Facebook or YouTube or via her website, Inspiredbyhilde.com. Bless you!💙


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