Viata ca un film…fotografic (XIV). Omul meu

1995, Tulcea, orasul meu. Ajun de Craciun, spre seara. Tocmai am facut o baie calda, bine-meritata, dupa un drum lung cu trenul de Bucuresti. Zbarnaie strident soneria. Mama deschide usa. Opresc feonul, iar parul meu se cuminteste brusc, cand jetul de aer cald inceteaza sa il mai zburleasca. Se aud voci vesele pe hol. Multe. Ma duc sa vad cine e. O gasca de vreo 10-12 tineri s-au pornit sa colinde in fata usii noastre; blocul rasuna de vocile lor puternice, in timp ce o chitara ii acompaniaza.

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The awakened family. Familia constienta (II)

Today, Dr. Shefali, the author of “The Awakened family”, “talks” about the control and the pressure we, as parents, tend to put on our children. I can’t help but notice how we actually do that when it comes to many aspects of our adult life. We so often try to control those things that are, actually, out of our control: the way other act, react, talk or do, the way a day unfolds ahead of us, the future, the thoughts and experiences…In fact, the only thing we should do is to observe ourselves (the answers are always within us), see what can be done (if something needs to be done) and then, just let go…trust…Which, I know, can be quite difficult in the modern society we live in, as we are thought from a young age that we are more of a human doing, than a human being…

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Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start moving your body!

About 7 years ago, when I started to be into sports more seriously, it was not by far the perfect moment to do it:  I was still recovering from a complicated abdominal muscles surgery, my hemoglobin was still low, I had just lost my 12 years job, spring was late that year, so outside it was wet, dirty and cold, my kids were still small and needed me a lot, I was already on my late 30’s…

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How the natural became the unnatural? / Cum naturalul a devenit nenatural?

This post is inspired by a day at Eva’s school, when she had for lunch “only” a full box of grapes. Eva told me how, at lunch time, everybody panicked, especially the growing ups. 🙂 She was asked many times if that is all she eats, if that is satiating enough, if she is not hungry etc. They all offered her either bread, fries or…ice cream. She refused and said she is just fine with what she eats, but the third time she has been offered an ice cream, she said yes. She told me she fully enjoyed the desert and that she had fun looking to how everybody was so worried about the fact she had for lunch only fruits.

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Quinoa with vegetables…Yummmy!

Until now, I used quinoa only for dessert. Recently, I started cooking quinoa also with vegetables and I am delighted with the taste, the texture and the satiety of this recipe. We all enjoyed this rainbow int the bowl, with many nutritional ingredients. A recipe that requires minimal effort and provides tons of flavor…Quinoa now successfully replaces the whole rice, which before was in our weekly menu. Quinoa can also be used in salads. For those that love”strong” tastes, a little garlic cream may be added, before being served. 🙂

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