Orvel Douglas.Young at heart and body at 53, on fruits only (II)

Liorisme: People have a fear for vitamins and minerals devoid and they think that if they give up on everything, except for fruits and veggies, they will for sure develop anemia or other kind of problem. Also, they strongly believe that it’s impossible to be physically active, especially if we talk about endurance and body building, and be a vegan. Not to speak high on fruits and low on proteins and fats! What would you tell to these people?

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Orvel Douglas. Young at heart and body at 53, on fruits only (I)

It’s impossible not to notice Orvel on facebook! His messages and his looks definitely draw your attention. Under his tough look, you will discover this nice, warm, supportive guy, that is willing to help everybody, at any time. “Because” of him, I started a fruit feast challenge on 24th of July. 🙂 We’ve been virtual friends for a while and I was excited when Orvel accepted the invitation to wrote for Liorisme, as he is an experienced long time fruitarian, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Diet Coach. I hope you will get inspired by his story and by his life style. I can tell you that many people changed their medical condition and their life, by following Orvel’s fruit feasts challenging. Continue reading “Orvel Douglas. Young at heart and body at 53, on fruits only (I)”

Sportul ca filozofie

Pentru ca sănătatea să fie atinsa și menținuta, trebuie să existe un echilibru adecvat între repaus și activitate. La fel cum odihna urmează efortului, si odihna trebuie sa fie urmata de activitate. Adevarata sanatate depinde doar de noi. Dacă ne odihnim prea mult și nu echilibram odihna cu activitate fizica, nu putem atinge și menține potențialul nostru de sănătate adevărat.

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Copiii sunt oglinda noastra

Ne place sau nu, ne dorim sau ba, de cele mai multe ori, copiii sunt oglinda familiei in care traiesc si cresc. Pe mine si pe Catalin, chestia cu sportul ne-a “lovit” cu adevarat, destul de tarziu, abia spre 35 de ani. Ce bine ca s-a intamplat, chiar si atunci! Sper ca fetele noastre sa prinda drag de miscare fizica mult mai devreme, iar la acest lucru punem si noi zilnic umarul.

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Viata ca un film…fotografic (XII). Trandafirii rosii

Final de luna martie a anului 1993. Desi de cateva zile incepuse sa miroasa a primavara, peste noapte, iarna navalise din nou peste orasul Tulcea. In acea dimineata, pornind spre liceu, m-au izbit incremenirea alba a naturii si aerul nemilos de rece.

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