Cholesterol. Good or bad? (II)

Există doar două laturi ale chimiei, pentru toate fiintele: aciditatea și alcalinitatea. Acizii ard și ne distrug sănătatea. Latura alcalina repara și neutralizează partea acidă a chimiei. Corpul nostru este proiectat să fie ușor alcalin, ceeea ce este cheia catre sănătate.

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Cholesterol. Good or bad? (I)

I am not a doctor. That is why I try learning from doctors. Not from any doctor, but from the ones who I feel empowered by (showing me that health is in my power). In this case, I learn from doctor Robert Morse. So, in short, let’s see what dr. Morse and his students teach about the “evil” cholesterol.

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Detoxification. By Dr. Robert Morse

Detoxification is a system, not a treatment. It is a science that includes chemistry and demonstrates how chemistry interacts with itself. It also includes physics, the energies of the Universe, and how the human body becomes a component part of the whole. It encompasses God and the way in which our spirituality, thoughts and emotions represent the tools that make it possible for the physical body to function.

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Do fruits and vegetables have enough nutrients? (Dr. Douglas Graham)

How worried do we get when we think about excluding something from our daily diet (for example, the animal protein)! Suddenly, we start to be preoccupied with the macro nutrients and the fear of all sorts of deficiencies begins to haunt us. But things are so simple! When the body becomes clean, we no longer need to worry about nutrition, because when it comes to solving problems with digestion, absorption, utilization and disposal, by cleaning the lymphatic system, we understand that not nutrition heals, but the process of body cleansing, when we allow it to happen. We then have energy and feel hydrated and no worry will  shade the way we feel (after a shorter or longer period). I’ve experienced eating “clean” and experienced eating “normal”. I could see and feel the difference. Right away. But I better let the experts talk about how simple things are:

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The awakened family. Familia constienta (II)

Today, Dr. Shefali, the author of “The Awakened family”, “talks” about the control and the pressure we, as parents, tend to put on our children. I can’t help but notice how we actually do that when it comes to many aspects of our adult life. We so often try to control those things that are, actually, out of our control: the way other act, react, talk or do, the way a day unfolds ahead of us, the future, the thoughts and experiences…In fact, the only thing we should do is to observe ourselves (the answers are always within us), see what can be done (if something needs to be done) and then, just let go…trust…Which, I know, can be quite difficult in the modern society we live in, as we are thought from a young age that we are more of a human doing, than a human being…

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