De Pastele Mortilor

In ultima vreme, mult prea des si mult prea devreme, moartea ia de mana oameni de tot felul si de toate varstele, ducandu-i pe un alt taram. Cu totii suntem…muritori si poate ca ideea propriei fragilitati ne ajuta sa ne cunoastem si sa ne intelegem mai bine, pregatindu-ne pentru singura certitudine a vietii: moartea.

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Detoxification. By Dr. Robert Morse

Detoxification is a system, not a treatment. It is a science that includes chemistry and demonstrates how chemistry interacts with itself. It also includes physics, the energies of the Universe, and how the human body becomes a component part of the whole. It encompasses God and the way in which our spirituality, thoughts and emotions represent the tools that make it possible for the physical body to function.

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In reality, love is more beautiful than at Hollywood

When I was very young, I was convinced that everything I saw in movies and I read in books are beautiful love stories, but they were stories that the reality would crush the day after the wedding. I felt that the emotions, the magic, the otherworldly adoration and glamorous love that seem to transcend time and space in literature and movies, all that have nothing to do with what I saw around me.

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Enjoying the process, not the outcome (more lessons to learn)/Bucurandu-ma de calatorie, nu de destinatie (mai multe lectii de invatat)

Ever since I moved to the UK, I have been constantly asking myself what experiences / lessons I have come here to learn. Well, when you ask questions, you get answers …

When I learned that I got the job and that I was going to be transferred from Romania to the UK, I admit I was not that excited. In my soul, after 25 years of work, I hoped to get away from the fixed-term employee life, from the crazy rhythm of logistics and especially from the commuting. I hoped that the meaning of my coming to the UK was, among other things, to be able to express myself differently, meaning helping people to make better choices for their lives through sport, nutrition, mindfulness …

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Do fruits and vegetables have enough nutrients? (Dr. Douglas Graham)

How worried do we get when we think about excluding something from our daily diet (for example, the animal protein)! Suddenly, we start to be preoccupied with the macro nutrients and the fear of all sorts of deficiencies begins to haunt us. But things are so simple! When the body becomes clean, we no longer need to worry about nutrition, because when it comes to solving problems with digestion, absorption, utilization and disposal, by cleaning the lymphatic system, we understand that not nutrition heals, but the process of body cleansing, when we allow it to happen. We then have energy and feel hydrated and no worry will  shade the way we feel (after a shorter or longer period). I’ve experienced eating “clean” and experienced eating “normal”. I could see and feel the difference. Right away. But I better let the experts talk about how simple things are:

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